High Resolution Balances (HRB)
With Glass Draft Shield

HRB 203 – 200g x 1mg

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Veterinary Scales

LVS 350 – 350kg x 0,1kg

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High Resolution Balances (HRB)
Top Loader

HRB-S 1002 TL – 1000g x 0.01g

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Bench Scales (PIZA)

PIZA 12 – 12kg x 0,002kg

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Welcome to LW Measurements Europe

LW Measurements Europe S.L. is located in Tarifa, Spain and serves the European market after more than 15 successful years in North, Central and Latin American from our LW Measurements LLC office in Rohnert Park, California.

 Our founder, Boon Lim, developed all the Tree brand scales with our own unique AnyCAL software, scale designs and tooling.

How do TREE® Scales perform?

Hysteresis Tests

Repeatability Test

Fine Sugar Dosing Tests

Dual Counting Scales

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